It's simply a step backward

So, credit card holder will be charged RM50 per card, annually starting next year.

The reason behind this move was to 'reduce the card holder's amount of card'

What do I use with my card?

1) So that I don't carry much of cash
2) Do online payment (for online shopping)
3) Direct debit for my bill

I'll further justify on the points:

1) It's not safe to carry that much of cash in Malaysia
2) Obviously, I can't use cash for online shopping
3) With the slow service I face at the payment counter, I'd love to do direct debit - I don't have to queue up, I don't have to drive, I don't have to find carpark.

With electronic transaction as a norm nowadays, based on what, the government has the right to impose this RM50 for owning something that gives convenience?

That's very 1Malaysia indeed.

(Charge) People 1st, Performance Now (to charge)

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syun said...

I assumed you have many credit cards huh? LOL