That summaries what most of the people thought.

You can see the details of the review result, here

But I'll just take a few points:

1) Import duty on CBU & CKD cars maintained.
2) AP system is not scrapped, again
3) Vehicles 15 years and older will have to be tested annually for roadworthiness.

To elaborate the points:
1) Means we'll still have to enjoy the expensive foreign car, if we can't bear with the local made car, which is also unfortunately, at lower quality.
2) With no import duty on CBU & CKD, AP is not needed in the first place!(Thanks to Weihan for the correction)
3) The options are rather simple here:
i) Owner of the 15+ year-old car will need to go to Puspakom annually to test the car.

At least RM100 will be spent, and hours (or, days?) will be spent on waiting the checkup to be completed
ii) Sell the car and get the rebate of RM5k, which can only be used to buy national car.

Enough of these cronies shit!!!

Only 3 parties will get the benefit
i) Govt
ii) Puspakom
iii) National car manufacturer + seller

And I'll just repeat the same old point I've been stressing all this while:

With the incomplete public transportation system that we have in Malaysia, car is a necessity rather than a luxury

So why do you want to put burden on the citizen?

That's very 1Malaysia.

People (suffer) First, (exploitation) Performance Now


Anonymous said...

In Europe you have to inspect new car first time at 3 years, then at 5 years and after that annually....inspect 15 year old car for the first time...could be in very bad condition already...really a risk in traffic. No? sure Puspakom make money out of it...can't deny that..but if result is safer cars on the road, I'd rather have that.

Trevor said...

@anon: I'd rather:

Make car a luxury item rather than a necessity

That means: Improve the public transportation system. (This will put car as an option)

Further more, who would wanna risk their life to drive a 15 year-old car, if the new one (with better safety equipment) is way affordable?

Who knows what would the govt do with the import duty they imposed?

Get a Bentley @ 20mil RM ? (thanks to their cool procurement process)