Stärker Aromatic beer

I believe that this is a beer, brewed locally by a German.

Anyway, this beer is tasty - I'd say it's a fruit juice with alcohol! :D

Tried this at: Overtime Restaurant, Life Center, Jln Sultan Ismail

Reddot Green beer

OK, a refreshing beer. With spirulina as its ingredient - that explains why it's in green colour.

Tried this at: Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara

Gouden Carolus tripel (9% ABV)

This is the first beer that opened the door, which told me "Hey, beer is not just about 5-6.5% ABV"

Cool thing about Belgian beer - even at higher than average ABV, you won't quite feel the effect of alcohol (especially during drinking)

And of course, in my opinion, Tripel, Quadrupel, or other Belgian Strong/Pale Ale (or put it this way, Belgian beer) is in their own league - you should not compare it with German beer - as they taste differently.

I'd drink Belgian beer to chillout while German beer goes with (German) food.
I'd drink Belgian beer at small sips while I've no problem with big gulps on German beer (I'll get drunk if I do the same for Belgian beer)

This beer also gave me an idea that 'beer could taste like wine, too'

Tried this at: Bottles & Bottles, The Gardens

La Divine (9.5% ABV)

I had small sips of this beer (after I drank my Carolus) so I can't really tell how it really taste like - basically it's just another Belgian strong ale, I think :P

Tried this at: Bottles & Bottles, The Gardens

Leffe Brune (6.5% ABV)

Leffe Blond was the beer that told me "Hey, Hoegaarden (another Belgian beer) isn't that great, after all"

So after reading the review from Beer Advocate, I decided to give it a try.

The taste - rich. It only made me believe more in 'Belgian beer is in different league from the German's'

I'd regard Leffe Blond as a refreshing (alcoholic) drink, while the Brune one, being a much tastier drink

Tried this at: Home

La Trappe Quadrupel (10% ABV) & La Trappe Blond (6.5% ABV)

La Trappe opened another door for me, told me that "Hey, even the monk in monastery brew beers"

Yes, after doing the research, La Trappe is one of the 7 authentic Trappist beer brand in the world, brewed in the abbey.

I tried La Trappe Quadrupel while I had a sip on my friend's Blond.

The taste? Quadrupel's taste is richer than Leffe Brune + Carolus tripel.

With this one, I've got the alcohol kicked in - I felt sleepy after the drink.

La Trappe Blond, on the other hand, is slightly more refreshing than Quadrupel.

Similar like Carolus tripel, I felt Quadrupel taste like wine.

Tried this at: The Library, The Curve

Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit (8.5% ABV)

Even though I felt sleepy after drinking La Trappe Quadrupel, me and my friend still had some time to spend/wait till the movie started.

So I decided to try another beer.

This beer, IMHO, has richer taste than Leffe Blond or Hoegaarden Blond - but I'd prefer Leffe Brune and of course Leffe Radieuse (tried some time after this 'Forbidden Fruit' session)

Having said that, I'll of course stick with Leffe or La Trappe.

Tried this at: The Library, The Curve

Warsteiner pilsner (5% ABV)

It's a smooth beer but I felt it's rather diluted.

Not my favorite beer.

Tried this at: Home

Leffe Radieuse (8.4% ABV)

As claimed on its label, this is an 'authentic Abbey beer', even though it's not a Trappist beer.

This beer is not as popular as Leffe Blond or Leffe Brune, but in reality, I seriously felt that it's the best among these three Leffe family.

The taste is richer than Leffe Brune (but of course, nowhere near La Trappe and probably less richer than Carolus tripel)

Yep, this beer will give me some sleepy feel.

I like the beer hence I drank it again few days later, and tried it with proper glass two days ago

Tried this at: Home & Fitou, Desa Park City

Leffe Brune (6.5% ABV, on draft) & Connor's stout

After the good experience with Leffe beer, I've decided to try it at a new cafe.

Funny thing was that, the waitress corrected me with the wrong pronunciation of 'Leffe' (supposed to pronounce like 'Leffer' without the 'r')

Put that aside, luckily she served me the right beer :P

On the other hand, I had a sip of my friend's Connor's stout - no way, it's still a long way for me to like stout.

FYI, Connor's stout is a locally brewed stout, by Carlsberg (no wonder I can't find much info on internet)

Tried this at: Tom, Dick & Harry, TTDI


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