In fact, I'm amazed by her courage to appear on stage to receive the "Worst Actress" in Golden Raspberry Awards.

On top of that, she brought the movie DVD and gave them free to all the audience so that they could watch it, really watch it.

Haha, I salute her for having the courage and took the award in a 'damage controlling' manner.

So, I might also watch "All About Steve" to see how worst it is :)

Update: She won the "Best Actress" in the Academy Awards in the next day. I seriously think this will be the first and the last case.


ront said...

what irony, she won oscar for female lead role this year.

ZMiN said...

I laughed my ass off when I saw this earlier this morning... I luv her so so much! Wat a lady! (although Im the type that would prefer All About Steve over The Blind Side shit im shallow!)