The form I had to select

Filling up e-Filing isn't that hard as it seems - all you need to do is to match the section with those info from your EA form.

Please take note, this guide is based on my EA form - there might be extra info that you'll need to input for your OWN e-BE form.
As a conclusion: This post serves as a basic idea on how to do the e-Filling - not the exact idea on how to.

Let's go thru section by section:

I) Particulars of Individual

In this section you can cross check if the info is current, from your EA form, update if necessary (click on the image to enlarge)

The relevant EA form section (click on the image to enlarge)

II) Statutory Income and Total Income

(click on the image to enlarge)

I only find two relevant info from my EA form -
1) The total income for "Employment" column in BE form
2) PCB for BE form (the column wording is confusing - "...SELF and HUSBAND / WIFE if joint assessment.." <- that's the column to fill in)

('Jumlah' means 'total' in Bahasa Malaysia)

3) Income of Preceding Years Not Declared

As I have none in my EA form, this section is skipped :-)

4) Deduction Claim
This is the most important section - where most of the people can get the tax return.

The only relevant info I found from my EA form is the KWSP/EPF amount.

For the rest, such as medical or/and life insurance - you can get the cover letter from the insurance agent.

Book, computer, medical checkup etc receipts are to be kept for 6 years in case of the inspection from IRB.

5) Rebate Claim / Tax Deduction / Tax Relief

I don't have anything to input hence this section is skipped :-)

6) Tax Summary
Calculation is done by e-Filing website - you'll know immediately on the amount returned/ or the amount you have to pay

If the info is correct, click "Save & Continue"

7) You'll reach the second last page - where you can save the (auto generated) PDF of the e-BE form that you'll just filled up.

Then, click on "Sign & Send"

8) This is the last page of e-Filing, before the submission. Check your info - if everything is correct, click on "Setuju". Note that after clicking this button, you can't amend any info anymore.

9) You'll see a small login screen that needs your credential again.

('Tandatangan' means 'Signature' & 'Batal' means 'Cancel' in Bahasa Malaysia)

10) You're done! Click on the "Save & Print Acknowledgment" button to save the (auto generated) PDF for your reference - to show that you've done your filing (in case of any inspection)

11) (OPTIONAL) Store your e-BE form & Acknowledgment form online
There is always a risk to store the files on your computer - chances are you might forget where you store or, if the Hard disk crashed - that's it.

So I chose Google Doc to store my document securely - yes you can upload the PDF and view it or download it again in the future.

File uploaded

P/S: Really have to give a big thanks to TC for providing the info and guidance!

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