In fact, I felt that it is already hard for two persons to meet up in this world (thinking of, what is 2 person's % out of the whole world's population)

And it's even harder for two persons to be together and in a relationship (thinking of, what's the % of the success rate of two persons to be a couple)

And it is not necessarily for a couple to end up in a marriage (thinking of, what's the % of my friends' relationship that had eventually ended up in marriage)

And a marriage might not be ended up in happy ending (thinking of, the frequent divorce cases we've seen in the news, especially for those artists etc, and some of the people who married because the girl is pregnant)

So I felt that, when you are in a relationship, please put the effort wholeheartedly - you may have better things to do, but if you don't have the intention to maintain it well, have you even thought about the other party - he/she has the right to have better things to do, as well?

And safe sex too, please.


Ugly ian said...

dont bother lah!
call you for beer next week, on boh ?

Trevor said...

on ah :D

where to?