This is the last part of the guide - it is more for the future reference:

IN CASE you forgot to save a copy of the submitted e-BE form as well as Acknowledgment form - you can always:

1) Go back to the e-Filing website
2) Click "Print Form Acknowledgement", select the year of assessment, key in your IC no & password, then submit

3) You'll be able to print the particular year's submitted e-BE form as well as the Submission Acknowledgment form.

If you are not sure that you submitted the tax assessment for a particular year, you can always call IRB (phone# 1300-88-3010 ) and check it out.

Also, here are several guides on "How to Pay Less Personal Tax" (i.e. get more refund) here and here (thanks to TC)

Last but not least, a good news, IRB had improved the process - so the refund process will now take 14-30days (source: here, section#13, thanks to TC)

So the earlier you submit, the more chance you'll fall into the 14 days refund category, hopefully ;)