Me and my friend were having drinks @ a pub.

My friend waited for his dinner + fries and they had not arrived.

While I had two pints of beer and was a bit high.

Upon following up for his dinner, the chosen waiter (looked like a new staff) got back and said
"I'm so sorry, apparently our system didn't take down your order"

"But I'll try allllllll my best to make sure the food will be served to you as soon as possible"

My friend accepted the offer.

5 minutes later, my friend recalled about his fries,

Upon following up with the same waiter, apparently he was a bit nervous and without even checking with the kitchen, he answered:

"(The kitchen is still) F-F-FRYING!!!"

(I laughed out loud on the spot as I was a bit high, didn't even bother the existence of the waiter beside us)

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Ai Ling said...

luckily he said "frying" but not "Fly-ing" ah~~ hahahaha