Brussels cafe's menu for your reference ;)

So the other day went ot Brussels Beer Cafe to have a drink with a colleagues - before one of them become ex-colleague.

Paulwel Kwak (8.1% ABV)

I tried this Belgian strong pale ale even though I read from the review that it wasn't that good - it is for the sake of trying and get the feel of the glass (LOL)

So ya, it's a strong pale ale, but taste wise, I'd still go for the lighter but cheaper Leffe Blonde.

Tried this at: Brussels beer cafe, Jln P Ramlee

Belle Vue Kriek (5.20% ABV)

I didn't try this, but my colleague did.

He wasn't that impressed cos he said it taste like Ribena. (LOL)

Available @ Brussels beer cafe, Jln P Ramlee

Deutsches Gasthaus menu for your reference

Erdinger Weissbier (5.30% ABV)

Finally get to try this beer after I heard the praise from the boss of Bottles & Bottles @ The Garden.

To be frank, it isn't that great - Franziskaner Weissbier's taste is richer than this one. (Needless to say about Paulaner or Weihenstephaner)

But if you look at the menu, Franziskaner dunkel or Erdinger dunkel is the next thing I'll try out :D

Tried this at: Deutsches Gasthaus, Bukit Maluri