Verdict: You won't be disappointed by Tim Burton's depiction. However, the excitement or surprises isn't really there

Watching this movie is like visiting an old friend, listening to his latest update in life.

You know that he's great, and the steady him does have a steady life, without much surprise.

This is how I felt about this movie.

Tim provided us a colourful wonderland in his signature style, but isn't as imaginative as, for example, Big Fish.

Perhaps the fact that it's an old kid's story - it didn't have much surprises like the modern ones e.g. Harry Potter.

I'd recommend to watch it in 3D, as the 3D effect was very much visible than the previous 3D movies I had watched (Aliens vs Monsters, Christmas in Carol and IMHO, even better than Avatar)

And of course, as a movie for kids, it's much better than Percy Jackson.

Rating: 7/10