Fig 1a. the "ingredients"

Impressed by the taste of Leffe Brune (at a rather affordable price for Belgian dark ale), I did some research and found that some people use it to marinade meat ball.

I got some recipe and felt lazy (that's the 1st one), so I did research again.

I found that people used it to make the meat sauce for spaghetti.

I got the recipe from Ron and Winne, however, got lazy again.

Btw, this morning when I woke up, I had the urge to try out.

So went to supermarket to buy the ingredients. Fig 1a shows the ingredient I bought.

At the supermarket, I felt the laziness bug, bugging me again.

So instead of buying canned mushroom, I bought the alfredo portobello sauce (with mushroom) and cheese & cream sauce - then mix them.

I didn't feel that scared cos I know at home there are 3 other victims/guinea pig to enjoy or suffer together.

So I cut the chicken breast into pieces, and marinaded with Leffe Radieuse (Jusco only has that, but well, it's 8.2% ABV, so even better?)

Marinaded for 1 hour

Then, stir-fried with olive oil.

After stir-fried it, I mixed all of them with (another mixture of) the spaghetti sauce.

Now the spaghetti part - I forgot the how much time is it needed, so I tasted the noodle 2 times to call off the cooking session.

Here comes the result, did not look so tasty I know, but that's because I only remembered to take photo when my sister ate it half way!

So the objective of this random cookery session is mainly on the marinaded meat.

My verdict:
The taste of the beer is not evident. You can only say it's a chicken with a hint of beer.
Maybe I should use pork next time.

As for my family members, they didn't particularly find it great, but comments from them:

Sister: The spaghetti is just nice (i.e. not too soft nor too hard)
Mum: So what do you plan to cook for dinner? (my reply in my heart: dream on [I know i'm not a good son])

So that's all about my random cookery session.


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Winnie said...

maybe u should use minced pork+beef the next time. that looks like some meat in beer soup. hehehe.. try marinating for a longer time maybe. add beer into the spaghetti sauce. add more just before u dish out the sauce.