Verdict: Welcome to Jónsi's land of fantasy

1. "Go Do" – 4:41
2. "Animal Arithmetic" – 3:24
3. "Tornado" – 4:15
4. "Boy Lilikoi" – 4:30
5. "Sinking Friendships" – 4:42
6. "Kolniður" – 3:56
7. "Around Us" – 5:18
8. "Grow till Tall" – 5:21
9. "Hengilás" – 4:15

Song title in italic are my favorite tracks
This is a colourful album - mostly bright, with a hint of darkness to make this a complete album (i.e. there must be some darkness to amplify the existence of the brightness)

OK, enough of my weird theory.

Songs that immediately caught my attention are: Go Do, Animal Arithmetic, Boy Lilikoi, Around Us & Grow Till Tall (that's more than half of the album)

Samuli in the studio doing percussion for Jónsi's "Go" from Jónsi on Vimeo.

The production of the album is rather creative as well - see the clip above to see how Jónsi's boyfriend, Alex did the 'drum session'.

The use of strings give the album an overall cinematic feel - it does give additional children-like fantasy feel, too (another weird term)

Though Jónsi's attempt to sing in English still have room for improvement, but with his soothing falsetto voice - it is forgivable and I'd concentrate more on the melody instead. (that's the thing I normally do, btw)

Another slight complaint is that I think "Go Do" and "Boy Lilikoi" is overly long - but it is not a big issue here.

With just 9 tracks - I don't think this album ever tried to be a commercial album. (But again, what motivated Jónsi to write music? :P)

Lastly, you can write a children fantasy story, and use this album as the original soundtrack - it won't give much problem, at all.

Rating: 9/10