So as usual this afternoon my dad and I took some unknown path - so called trek-discovery.

Then we arrived at a Malay village, road is still new, with kids playing in the front yard.

We also saw Kampung chickens running around then we saw an old western guy taking out his bicycle from his car for a ride.

We continued walking and we arrived at a Chinese cemetery. That's when we decided to turn back to where we came from.

So back into the jungle, we saw a guy drove past us with this motorcycle.

We saw two guys approaching us, my father asked and we got to know we were not far from Sungai Buloh Hospital.

At a small waterwall, we saw the motorcyclist just now stopped his bike - he took out a bottle of Tiger beer.

He saw us and he said 'After work, it's nice to have beer"

I saw he had two empty glasses.

It's in a jungle - at that moment, we thought it's like those Chinese poet in old day who would travel far just to have a drink.

But now, I feel eerie.