Yesterday went to visit my god-mother. She shared a story which helped me to come up a theory.

The story is about a dream that she had:

A relative from Singapore visited her in Kuala Selangor, in the dream. She cooked dishes for him.

He enjoyed eating the dishes, ate little rice.

He then brought her to see the place he stays in Kuala Selangor

They were chatting outside the door.

Reality: That relative could never have come back to Malaysia due to passport issue.

Most importantly, he passed away a day before she dreamed about him.

Next, My god mother had moved from Kuala Selangor more than 15 years ago.

Interestingly, during a visit to Kuala Selangor some time ago, she visited the "place" that the late relative stays.

What she saw, is a warehouse. The place where she chatted with him, has no door - it's just a wall.

My theory: Chinese believes that when a person passed away, that person would visit places that he/she would miss.

But from this dream, it also explains why abandoned houses, empty places with no people staying for a while, are famous for being haunted.

Simply, in this dream, her late relative would find a place with little presence of human, "created" a door to stay in.