I need to make a follow up on the iPhone 5 launch that I followed closely earlier this morning.

i) It is a good phone because it is based on an already exist & matured technology, better processor and better camera are something expected for a new phone, in fact it will be applicable to any new phone, be it Apple, Android of Windows Phone.

ii) I've had enough on their marketing phrase such as 'it's never been done before'
On App Store, Tim even claimed.

"90% of the apps in that 700k are downloaded every month. The average customer uses over 100 apps."

"It's a revolution. It's phenomenal."

Hello? How did they come up with the stats?

To my knowledge, none of my friends use over 100 apps.

His theory was indeed revolutionary.

iii) I'm unsure this will be Steve's second turn in his grave. His first turn has to be the naming of "The NEW iPad"

I laughed when Phil said "So a lot has changed, and it's time for the connector to evolve. Our new connector is called Lightning. So we have Thunderbolt and Lightning."

My instant thought was "Ya Phil, why don't you call yourself Thor"

Lastly, iPhone 5 doesn't really give a big 'wow' factor compared to previous releases, such as Retina Display or Siri.

Conclusion: Since iPhone 5 will arrive Malaysia no earlier than November (just my wild guess), you might as well wait for the wildcard in the making: Windows Phone 8, which will also arrive in November.

Samsung has clearly closed a lot of gap with their Galaxy series, and iPhone and Samsung's android seem to be pretty much on par (except on the battery performance & processor speed)

It remains unclear if Apple is able to come up with a revolutionary successor to iPhone 5, but if they can't, Apple's big expansion might become bubbles.

One observation that I found on Tim Cook, is that he is a figure based person (in all his previous presentation, he kept focusing the sales figure and market share)

I've no doubt that he is very good in running operations, but running operations and coming up with revolutionary ideas are two different things.

Nevertheless, iPhone 5 is definitely a solid good replacement on existing smartphone, at least it will work for the next 2 years.