Apple Maps looks unfinsihed, period

I upgraded the New iPad (ok, to me it's iPad 3) to iOS 6.

No issues.

Just now, after using for a while, here's my quick review:

1) Siri is fun to use (I tested it with Mandarin & Cantonese - the voice recognition is not bad)
2) Safari feels smoother
3) It has Clocks now! Can play with alarm & stopwatch too (meh to many, but I think it's a welcome feature)
4) Apple Maps looks like an unfinished products
5) Having said that, iOS 6 lost two important applications that I love - Google Maps & YouTube (Google is still developing iPad's version)
6) BATTERY DRAIN! Battery is the reason why I love Apple product, but after the upgrade, it seems like draining faster than usual - surfing on Chrome for 45 minutes, battery dropped 10%
7) Again, on Apple Maps - it shows inaccurate data? I search the map around my housing area - Taman Metropolitan Kepong has become Bukit Jalil Recreational Park B? Whadafuq?
8) OK, some credit that applications such as Photo, has better integration with social media such as Facebook (but yes, it is already done on Android :-) ) 

I'm not sure how would Steve Jobs feel about this, but in my opinion, this will be his third turning in the grave (1st being the name "NEW iPad", 2nd being the un-inspirational iPhone5)