LTE may not be applicable to Malaysia so soon, but it is a big thing for other countries

- A6 Chips (claimed to be 2x faster)
- (Slightly) Better battery life
- Slightly better camera
- 4" 16:9 screen
- Screen is sharper (a layer has been reduced, that touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself)
- 30pin connector is replaced by "Lightning connector" (er, sounds a bit lame)
- iOS 6 (comes with cool looking Maps - replacement of Google Map as the default map)
- 20% lighter & 18% slimmer than iPhone 4S.

Overall, I think it is a better improvement compared with Samsung S2 -> S3

If you haven't owned a smartphone yet, or thinking to get a new smartphone, you won't go wrong with this one.

Nearest + earliest available place? Singapore. 21st September.