12 Sep 2001

Just a day after the shocking encounter at the mall, it was Natalia's birthday.

It was a usual day in the office, added with a bit of surprise by the colleagues, in conjunction to celebrate her full recovery from the accident last month.

When she arrived home, her sister was preparing dinner, while telling her "Hey you've got a mail"

Natalia picked up the mail from the coffee table, it was sent by a bank's safekeeping services, indicated that she has an item due for collection.

That made her feel strange, as she had never signed up any safekeeping services.

But out of curiosity, Natalia took a day off next day to collect the item.

13 Sep 2001

At the bank, she opened up the safety box, inside, it was another letter.

The letter read:

Dear Natalia,

First of all, Happy belated birthday.

I hope you have been well.

Anyway, if you see this letter, please proceed to take this letter to the home address written at the back of the letter.

A greater revelation lies ahead.


Despite feeling weird on those uncertainties, Natalia had decided to pay a visit to the address - since she had nothing to do for the rest of the day.