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What made me write this post is based on the observations on people as well as discussion with my friends.

Well, I'm one of the post 80's generation, but I found that some of the people, who are just 3 years younger than me, showed another category of Generation, I would call it as FYG generation, i.e. Facebook+YouTube+Google generation.

What makes them think they can do better than the rest is, in my opinion, that they read it from Facebook on how easily a person can be successful, or they watched youtube on how that person can easily achieve something, and get famous because of that.

One last thing, the reason why these people, including me, can get the information more organised and faster than the previous generation, is because we could make use of the internet, especially Google.

That made the FYG generation thought things can be easily done.

More than often, they seek for instructions on 'what to do', instead of thinking 'why this has to be done' or even 'how can I do this better'

Similar to the gadget that they own - they will think of 'what to own' instead of 'why do I have to own it?"

You can't blame them, as company such as Apple or Samsung are pushing the phone generation cycle yearly, while creating the 'must-have' feeling among those people.

Back to how the FYG generation react at work - they often think they have done a very good job, if you don't like it, it's ok, there's always a way out and there's another company which will appreciate me. (especially applicable if there's slight increment in another company)

They seldom seek for more responsibilities as they think they should work 'just enough'.

But of course, there are some people who are of exceptions - so this is just one of my random thoughts of the moment :)