13 Sep 2001

It's almost evening.

Natalia followed the address to the house. She arrived at a house that has a huge garage beside it.

She knocked the door for a while, having no one answering the door.

Instead, someone came out from the garage to answer the visitor.

As the person approached Natalia, she realized that he is the guy whom she saw in the shopping mall last month, and who has been appearing in her memory randomly.

She was shocked and starting running away.

The guy chased after her, while asking out loud "Are you Natalia? I am Timothy!"

"But I didn't write those letter!"

Natalia slowed down, she asked "What did you just say?"

Timothy replied "Well, I retrieved a letter from a safety box, sent by a guy named Timothy, he asked me to anticipate a girl named Natalia to visit you."

Taking out a letter from his jacket, he continued: "Listen, if you can just read the letter that I had received, I believe that we can solve the puzzle - in the past one month, I had a strange memory of a lady appearing  in my mind, and yes, that lady does look like you."

Natalia started reading the letter

"Dear Timothy,

What you are gonna read is something that will blow you mind.

Yes, it was me writing to you from the future.

In year 2013, I had successfully built a time machine. I was able to do time traveling and had fun!

Something happened in the future, just right after I built the time machine - which I will further explain in the next page.

Now, right after you retrieved this letter, expect a lady who's gonna visit you - her name is Natalia.

Show her this letter, and next, show her the time machine you were building - before she can really trust what you are saying"

"So, do you wanna see the beast that I'm building? I've started it like 3 years ago, but myself from future had sent the working blueprint that will really help me to complete this thing!" Timothy said.

"Wait! I'm still very confused - how did that Timothy send us all these letter, and what time machine are you talking about?"

"Perhaps you need to read the next page of the letter" Timothy said.


Anonymous said...

adoi... i cant wait la...

Trevor said...

Thanks..a bit busy la in the past two days