Verdict: As a British action movie, it is not bad at all - it has a lot potential as 80% of story happened only in the same building.

To start with, the poster, trailer or even the movie itself looks like B-movie. But upon checking, it is a USD45million budget movie. Wow.

Next, Judge Dredd has combination of Batman's husky voice and the look that reminds me of Robocop - most importantly, three of them share the same mission - to maintain justice in the city.

After a short introduction of Dredd and how the apprentice came into the picture, the rest of the movie happened in the same apartment (a 200-storeys apartment, if not mistaken)

That is when it makes the movie interesting, where Dredd and Anderson used their talents respectively, to survive in that limited space with limited resources.

They did not show off much on the gadget - but the weapon looks interesting though.

Few flaws that I don't quite get it:
1) Anderson could have used the psychic power from the starting, it would have saved a lot of time
2) Emergency kit that could heal internal bleeding?
3) Anderson's psychic power can't work while wearing helmet, but can penetrate thru other's helmet?

But removing those flaws, this movie is an interesting movie with some good thought on a post-apocalyptic world.

Lastly, this movie has a lot of potential expanding beyond that apartment :)

Rating: 7.5/10

P/S: Judge Anderson looks like Carly Rae Jepsen. I had the image of them running for life, but suddenly, they started singing Call Me Maybe.