August 13, 2001
Natalia woke up in a hospital, she didn't know how what happened.

All she could remember, was that she was as if flying thru a starry night sky, and now, woke up with occasion headache.

A nurse approached her when she noticed that she had awaken.

"How did I end up in here?" asked Natalie
"You were about to cross the road while a fast approaching car almost hit you - but just before it happened, it seemed you were pulled back by a strong force, then you collapsed right after that" the nurse replied.

"The doctor said your situation is quite stable & without any big issue, you can be discharged by tomorrow" the nurse added.

So, Natalia tried to look at her body - true, there were no bruises all over her body.

She went to bathroom to wash her face. In the mirror, she somehow thought there was a scar on her face - but it is not there anymore.

Natalia tried to call her sister - her only contactable relative in this world - but another person picked up the phone.

She had headache again, while trying to recall the actual number, she succeeded with her sister came to accompany her till the night.

The next day, she left the hospital to have the rest of the day sleeping at home.