September 11, 2001
Almost one month past, the car-hospital incident was left behind Natalia's head.

She was in the office when her colleague talked to her in shocked mode "There's something really horrible happened in the New York City. I heard it was terrorist attack"

Natalia replied without hesitation "Yes it was really bad - the terrorists hijacked the plane and collided onto World Trade Center"

Her colleague asked "How did you know?"

Natalia paused, she was unsure. Yes, how would she know as she has been working non stop since early morning? She was so busy that she didn't even have a chance to listen to radio, and of course, no time for web surfing.

The headache came back again - she took the day off and went to shopping mall to get something from the pharmacy.

While she was walking in the shopping mall, towards a junction, she was as if having a flashback - she had seen this before, it was as if she dreamed about this exactly same scenario, same atmosphere, and if she turns right at the junction, she would meet a guy in green shirt, whom she would start talking with.

Natalia slowed down her pace. She slowly walked towards the junction, had a peek at the right corner.

To her surprise, she saw a man in green shirt, who looked exactly the same in her flashback or dream.
The guy noticed that Natalia was staring at her, and he stared at Natalia with clueless face, too.

Out of shock, she ran away from the shopping mall, headed home.

At home, she was still very confused. The guy looked so familiar, but where else did she meet with him? Do they know each other? If they know each other, why would the guy gave her the clueless look?

She frantically took out her yearbook, flipped thru the pages. No, the guy was not in any of the classes.

She closed her eyes, trying to recall who the guy was.

In her fragmented memory, she 'saw' that the guy used to hold her hand, intimately.

Natalia opened her eyes, she was even confused and what's more, she is now scared of what she had just recalled.

Just exactly who is he? What was in her mind? Where did those dream or familiar feeling come from?

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