I think it's the second last or third last thing (the last thing would be religion) that you should argue with your friend - especially if both of you are music lover with different preference.

My friend is a heavy metal music lover
Me, on the other hand, listen to classical music.

Our common interest: some rock music, some techno/house music

So one day my friend said "I can't stand you and your classical music, yi yi ye ye yo yo wi wi" (tried to imitate the orchestra pieces)

I replied "I can't stand you and your heavy metal music, WASHAYOU THINKOWE THIS!" (tried to imitate the singer growling)

There are several lines that's not necessary to be put here, but at last, I told him:

"Let's argue over something that's more worth it. I don't appreciate your heavy metal music, you don't appreciate classical music - so there's no need to force to compromise"

The argument stopped there but I felt it's very true.

I remember about 10 years ago I told the other friend:

"It'll be very silly of you to shout in the music hall, having classical music performance: "ROCK AND ROLL ROCKS!!!! CLASSICAL MUSIC SUCKS!!!"

You won't have a good day, I'm sure.

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agatha said...

the message said something meaningful implicitly :)