Verdict: Think "Iron Man, Made in England, during Victorian Age"

I really think the above statement summarise the whole movie.

The movie setting is back in the London during the Victorian Age.

With the rather radical representation of Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Jr (starred in Iron Man, which is another fun movie to watch), this movie is fun to watch.

Not only the movie has lotsa witty moment (e.g. his mind-simulation of his fighting tactic) - in fact, there were also excessive of information to be absorbed, but it didn't discount any fun factor.

This movie is best watched by the person who isn't a hardcore fan of the original Sherlock Holmes, and who like those silly British type of comedy (take Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz - they share similar formula)

The acting, story, the flow, the graphic are solid - not something I would expect from Guy Ritchie, definitely.

The only drawback is that the movie has so much of coincidence (how they are able to get the difficult evidence, how they narrowly escape etc)

But still, I'm giving it a solid rating.

Rating: 9.5/10