9/1/10 - Family bond is strong?

Literally, it means 心靈相通 in Mandarin.

Earlier on, my mum went to Carrefour - she bought this ice cream! (to her, it's an expensive ice cream)

At almost the same time, I went to Jusco, I saw this ice cream, found the packaging changed (it doesn't use the smelly plastic packaging anymore)

So I bought it.

At home, when I was about to store it into the fridge - I was shocked! My mum found out this and told me on the spot "Somehow I've got a feeling that you'll buy it.. how to finish?"

I told her "well, let's not be calculative on the good quality ice cream - we'll be able to finish it"

But after that, the whole family caught with coughing.

The total ice cream left = 1.5 tube = 1.5L

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ront said...

心靈相通 can also be "heart ghost minister through"?