So, me and my friend had this so called 'beer review' at Cameron Highland.

Reason being:
1) It's an 'Angmo' (western) beverage
2) Cameron Highlands has 'angmo' scenery
3) Cameron Highalands has 'angmo' weather

We started with König Ludwig.

This Bavarian beer is slightly smoother than Löwenbräu, and hence, still somehow reminds me of Heineken.

My friend liked it, and claimed that it's better than Franziskaner. I don't know as I haven't tried it yet.

We got this beer from: Tesco hypermarket

So this one, Weihenstephaner, another Bavarian beer, is produced by the oldest brewery in the world (another 30 years will be their 1000 years anniversary)

It is... very smooth. It can definitely match with Paulaner (also, another Bavarian beer - the Germans in Bavaria state seem to be busy people), which is our top favorite beer at the moment.

We got this beer from: Stadt restaurant. It's expensive but you can get from Bottles & Bottles in The Gardens.

Leffe (Blonde) is a Belgian beer.

My friend didn't manage to drink this. But my first sips tells me that it's a better beer than Hoegaarden, another Belgian beer (which I last drank 2 years ago) and König Ludwig. (and hence, Löwenbräu & Heineken)

We got this beer from: Tesco hypermarket

So this is the winner: Weihenstephaner, followed by Leffe and König Ludwig