So two days ago I brought the whole family to watch this movie.

Father: The graphic was nice
Mum: Apart from the nice graphic.. not my cup of tea
Sister: Nice graphic.

So, the summary is, nice graphic. Like what I said earlier, the story was OK.

And I've gotta tell ya, my feel of second watch was like... I felt the movie could have been 1 hour shorter.

I know the director would like to explain things clearly - but some part, might have explained too much in detail.

I don't know but I felt bored with the first hour, and had the thought "luckily the war scene later isn't bad"


chewming said...

i watched avatar 3D...
i think u overrated it to 11 loh!

i watched second time becuz of ur rating leh!

Trevor said...

I also watched 2D, then only just watched the 3D leh.

I'll still stand by the 11 out of 10 for graphic - it's really nice la.

But again, I won't watch for the third time - too lengthy.