Verdict: A typical B-movie. Period.

The action scene you saw from the trailer, took probably the 50% of the real action scene happened in the movie.

That wasn't quite a joke.

This movie, about the 'Judgment Day" - all I remembered was talking, talking, some action scene, then talking and talking.

Some talkings were rather philosophical - but too much will make it a draggy film.

Actions were predictable.

However, I like the phrase Michael talked to Gabriel -

"You gave Him what He asked for, I gave Him what He needs"

Rating: 3.5/10


ZMiN said...

And please forgive me but I have to be blunt - that Gabriel looks like he's retarded and damn gay! And whats with the SPINNING ON THE SPOT Fighting scene! FREAKIN weird!

Trevor said...


Yes he looked like a dumb and dunno what on earth he's doing!

And I didn't know that their wings are bullet proof ;)

ront said...

wings are reinforced kevlar

ZMiN said...

And at one point I thought they're gonna kiss and I was like, WTF WTF WTF WTFREAKINF

I personally think that the old lady that crawls around like Spiderman should be nominated at least for MTV Best Breakthrough Performance, if not Oscars ;)

Trevor said...

@Zmin: I'm sure you're talking about they shook hand like brothers...

OMG.. i don't get it too..

wanna fight, fight la!!!

talk so much some more - and he can just kill him by closing the hardened stainless steel wings.