Verdict: A good Chinese movie with great effort put in production.

Just look at the casts in the movie posters - you'll know it's a serious production.

Yes the movie is about serious issue, too.

It's about the revolution happened in China, but the incident happened in Hong Kong when the assassins from Qing dynasty tried to kill Sun Yat-Sen who traveled to Hong Kong at that time.

The flow of the story is good, not much of bull shit.

The settings are true to the early 1900-era.

Hence, a serious movie that's seriously produced.

My only complaint is the length of the movie, which can be cut short by, for instance, reduce the number of individual fights.

And for instance again, maybe they wanna make Donnie Yen as the selling point (which, certainly is), so Donnie Yen got quite a lot of individual fights.

Just a side note, me and my friend, somehow, laughed out when we saw the tall monk was stabbed by group of people for the second time.

Apart from that, a good Chinese movie.

Rating: 7.5/10