Gonna have one day trip this coming Sunday.

Itinerary as follows:

7AM Depart from KL
10.30AM - Expected time to reach Cameron Highland - we'll straight go to Boh Teh Centre @ Sungai Palas

Of course, after that, hanging around and start the so called 'beer review' - a visit to Time Gallery, perhaps

1PM - Go to T cafe to have lunch

After that, driving around to find spot to continue 'beer review' - a visit to strawberry farm or cactus farm, perhaps.

3.30PM - Dessert time @ Strawberry Moment restaurant

Continue 'beer review'

5.30PM - Go home

It'll be very tiring, I'm sure.


ront said...

eh....next time....you organize this kinda day trip...i go with you lah....but bring a few other friends...can?

Trevor said...

@Ront: 扮豬上山樓臺?

ront said...


ront said...

i really think you should have a 3rd person to drive and that person not included in the beer review... ... presuming you have 13 bottles each, half of which are 500ml and the other half is 350ml.....that's almost 6.5liter of beer at avg 5.5% alcohol....that's abt 360ml of pure alcohol.....that's a lot even for a alcoholic.

colleen-error said...

@trevor: nah, seeeeeeeeee?
@ront: high 5!

Trevor said...

@ront: no la, it's max 7 bottles each person