Dad: Do you want to go?
Me: Sure, why not?
Dad: Well, I've always wanted to go, I wanted to go in year 1986, but there was something that made me gave up the plan. Now that my friends are asking me if I wanna go...
Me: It's 24 years already. You should go. You are not young already
Dad: Yah, 53 this year. If I times 2, it'll be 106 - I can't do it already but you still can (it will be 26 x 2 = 52)
Me: Then we should really go, those things can't wait :-)


ront said...

your dad has a strange way of reasoning things....really 久仰大名...when the time i met him

Trevor said...


I dunno what he talked to u when u met him the other day.

Well, I take the '久仰大名' as... compliment?

ront said...

yes it certainly is a compliment