Left: Old, Right: New, RM82 per bottle.

So seeing that the old one is gonna be finished soon, I bought the new one.

The new one, smells lighter - I could tell when I tested it in the shop.

When I asked why, the sales person told me "Oh, it's because many people don't like the heavy scented smell"

My thought on the spot: "Huh? I didn't feel that it's heavily-scented. And the pure lavender version is even more heavily scented"

What a way to cut cost, seriously -_-

Nevertheless, it is still a good product.


ront said...

drool so much on your pillow that you need to resort to this?

Trevor said...

LOL of course no la... I'll just need KUAT HARIMAU detergent would do hahaha

the clown said...

everything about tiger -_-

teechong said...

the tiger thingy made him shot shot liao???

ront said...

harimau yang sunnguh kuat! mencuci lebih bersih..