Saiful vs Anwar's case gave us several insights, if whatever Saiful said was true:

(if you didn't follow the story, you should read the news article here)

1) Anwar is a horny, sexual maniac beast. He will greet people with question like "Can I fu*k you today?"

So meet up with him at your own peril.

2) Saiful is an extremely easy going person. Regardless how pissed he was after he was asked "Can I fu*k you today?" by Anwar, he would still went and clean himself up and came out naked with only towel covering his lower part

So, two things you need to screw Saiful:

i) The magic statement "Can I fu*k you today?"
ii) Provide him a towel.

3) KY Jelly is no good for lubrication.

One of the evidence Saiful provided in court was the KY Jelly they used during the sodomize activity.

Let's not question who provided the KY jelly which will lead to another two questions:
i) If Anwar provided KY jelly, why did Saiful keep it? Is that a souvenir or something?
ii) If Saiful provided the jelly, WHY HE BROUGHT IT WITH HIM ALL THE TIME? Did he foresee that he'll have sex anytime and anywhere?

OK ok, the point here is that, after using KY Jelly, Saiful still suffered from great pain that subsequently, he can't shit for the next two days.


The real pain in the ass is, the Malaysians would need to live with this kind of big joke.