I called up my ex-client to wish him a Happy Chinese New Year (it's not over yet, it's the last day today, just FYI)

We had some chat.

He retired last year but apparently, a workaholic like him, I guess, made him back to work in another company after half year of rest.

Two things I realised:
1) It's good to have a partner, you'll feel really bored as you get older.
2) Don't get yourself becoming a workaholic - you'll really feel the void when you retire, that's when you'll
i) Get back to work again (it's become habitual already)
ii) Stayed feeling void till you start to show the old man's symptom

Btw, I have to admit, he was a very good manager or, you can say, worker :P

Oh do I have to plan for my retirement already? haha