Haha, not bad isn't it... the Chinese or Chinese descendant can have such a privilege!

Before the CNY celebration ends, I shall put one and the only resolution:

Healthy Living

With basic items as follows:

1) Sleep at least 7 hours a day
2) Drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day
3) At least a type of fruits a day
4) Less than 3 beer sessions a month (ok, not so healthy but what the heck :P)
5) 70KG by next CNY (currently 78KG)
- (Extremely more) Exercise is needed, apparently.
6) Less than 2 fast food per month
7) To have dinner before 8PM

Whatever it is, I seriously think health is important - the aging sign (what the heck, I'm not even 27 yet) and the stamina etc is really getting me.

You may say I'm selfish for wishing on my own - well, I think my parents are doing better than me in terms of healthy living

And I have to be the role model for my sister

So, it'll have to start from me, before I can do other things.


ront said...

3 beer sessions/month of 5 beers per session is equal to 5 sessions of 3 beers/session.

3 liter of water?? sure you'll not be bloated ah? might drown yourself.

7hours of sleep will be no problem if it's me...hehehe

etee said...

eating before 8PM >> easier said than done. :P