So the latest drama in the country is Anwar vs Saiful, whom Saiful accused Anwar of forcing him to have anal sex.

I would just look at one point only:

The anal activity happened on 26th June 08, but he reported and was examined on 28th June 08. The doctor was still able to get the residue of the semen


Analysis from the statement:

- He likes to have the semen stayed in his ass
- Even if he showered or
- Maybe he didn't shit
- Even if he shit, the stubborn semen still wanna stay in the ass
- Those who like to have anal sex, beware, the residue of semen will stay inside the ass!!!!! Who knows you'll get a 'semen shit' one day!

The conclusion of the analysis is: Ouch, it's a pain in the ass!

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samantha said...

Then the next day, the following made the headline of the newspaper:

"Saiful had constipation for 2 days after the incident"