In the last Mulu trip, I happened to talk to a friend, during a 45minutes walking journey - we both agreed something about HK drama:

1) HK drama is quite boring. The theme of the drama, on majority, won't run away from these formulae:
i) Office politic with conspiracy
ii) Family business with conspiracy, enhanced with bitchy family members
iii) Police/Fireman/Doctor/Lawyer with complicated love relationship
iv) Complicated love story happened in selected era, where they had difficulties in communicating with each other (such as, during China Revolution)
v) Martial art heroes fighting during ancient time

2) The main actor in the drama always seems to be the perfect type (select at least 3 of the points mentioned below)
i) caring
ii) family type of guy
iii) funny+sunny
iv) successful career
v) will be hated in certain part of the drama, but acted strong when the whole world is against him

3) It's the bitchy + the-urge-to-see-how-the-bad-ones-end-up-with that's able to drag the drama to 30 - 40 episodes long

You often hear how blood boiling is the certain character in the drama - but yet, this seems to be what people enjoy to watch after a whole day of stress+tiredness at work.


What's more, is the social impact that it brings to the society:

1) Cantonese as the preferred/premium language, especially in Klang Valley
You'll be teased if you can't speak good Cantonese.

2) The boyfriend standard set by the girls seemed to be rather dreamy/high/perfect - just like how those featured in the HK drama
Sometimes, you feel like asking the girls to look at the mirror, too.

3) Office politics / Family affair seems to be inevitable - they have a good reference to follow.
Yet they say it's happening in real life, hence it is in the drama - they didn't realise that, subconsciously, they agreed to the things that may be avoided, and God knows, they might be practicing it.

Conclusion: We find that watching HK drama is kinda waste of time, most of the time ;)


ront said...

what do you think about the time used to talk abt HK drama, time to blog about it and also time to write this comment?

Trevor said...

still way better than the bitchy fight :P

Trevor said...

rephrase: better than ppl acting for bitchy fight in the drama ;)