Appetizer (yummy cos it has pork) & hot green tea

There's this Jap restaurant in The Weld (which is less than 200m from my office) that I had never visited before. So I took a chance to have a first try.

I ordered Katsudon set after I saw some review online.

Some salad, miso soup and mochi were the extra

The egg and pork.. omg, juicy and yummy

Best mixed with this chili powder

The dessert - mochi - another omg, yummy as well!!

For the price of RM25.30 - I thought this set is share-able by two persons - I still feel very full after half an hour.

Another visit will be done, in near future (just fmi, dinner time from 6.30PM - 10.30PM ;) )

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Keiko said...

Hi, we really like Kamimura too! We've been three times so far, and it has been great every time.
We haven't been for lunch yet but your photos look delicious.