Verdict: Jackie Chan's best movie in recent years

Initially I was reluctant to watch this movie - because of Jackie Chan.

He didn't have good movies lately - they were all about some violent and no-longer funny kungfu stunt.

FYI, this is a movie that was in development hell for 20 years.

Story wise was quite straight forward.

Lee Hom's acting skill had improved. (but as a general of the army, he doesn't need to be very expressive)

Of course, there was some funny element in the movie, some was the usual 'kungfu acrobat' but most importantly, it wasn't that boring.

The usual 'Jackie Chan's moral value' can be found in the movie too, but it was not too much.

The scenery of Sichuan was nice.

I kinda like the ending - I'd say it tells a lot about the suffering of the war.

Still, the story suffered from too much of coincidence and it seems to me, the two actors seemed to be very lucky in the movie.

And hey, how was the general able to tolerate with this little soldier? He can always run away if he wants.

But well, it is better than most CNY movie for this year, for sure.

Rating: 7/10

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