Verdict: Targeted at Chinese from the mainland, this movie is not my cup of tea, even though it's occasionally funny.

OK, from the movie poster you can tell it is supposed to be a funny movie.

It is. The actors tried to make it funny - but only occasionally.

It is a story about the Gods of Fortune came to earth and spread the wealth.

The joke wise... I strongly felt that it's targeted at the Chinese (from China), so at times I knew they tried to be funny but it wasn't that funny.

Of all, I felt the chapter acted by Zhang Zhen was the best.

Watch it if you really have nothing to do.

Rating: 4.5/10


teechong said...

ini punya movie pun u mau tengok ke??? Happy Chinese New year pun hoh... saw 38,888 intruders in ur blog... good way to end chinese new year 2010 :)

Trevor said...


and i'm crossing my finger for tomorrow's activity :D