Verdict: Non-stop fighting is a plus for the choreography, but it isn't good for the overall story

This movie talks nothing but the fighting - some might even be unnecessary.

It talks bout the Zui Quan, and unfortunately, it's only featured in the final portion of the movie.

But apart from that, the non stop fighting exposed the weakness of the movie - a hallow storyline.

And what's worse, Jay Chou's appearance made the show like a joke - his "jiao bin" (鳥面in hokkien, means the arrogant face) is extremely not cool at all - he should stick with youngster's movies like Initial D or some triad movie.

And with his talking style - which somehow made me relied a bit on the subtitle to understand what he said - it is totally uncool.

Almost everybody laughed when he first appeared in the movie, with the 'serious but tried to look cool face' - it shows how unsuitable he is for this movie.

The director Yuen Woo Ping was the director for this movie, but unfortunately, it seems it's best for him to stick as the choreographer.

Rating: 6/10 (strictly on the fighting scene that looks cool)


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ZMiN said...

I couldn't agree more on the rating. I was bored to death throughout the movie. They should've made Andy On strip. Wahahah at least that could've kept me awake sighhh