Verdict: A kid's movie which also gives express learning of some Greek mythology.

It's quite creative that the writer made use of the gods in Greek mythology and combine it with the real life.

That explains why Percy Jackson, who is also the demigod, needed to fight with all the gods/monsters to get back the stolen bolt (owned by Zeus)

At the same time, this movie was also an express course for me to learn about the gods featured in Greek mythology - I knew their name, but I didn't know what they represent - so now I know better.

I thought the 'usage' of Medusa, a la Perseus (I just learned that from wiki) was quite interesting, too :P

Downside of the story - Percy seemed too gifted - he was able to overcome the obstacles easily, he was able to fight against the monsters/enemies easily.

That, also contributed the fact that the movie failed to make me feel tensed - or excited.

But the idea of the story isn't bad at all.

I think if you enjoy Harry Potter series, you might enjoy this one as well.

Rating: 6/10


colleen-error said...

he is really cute can :$

zewt said...

think i shall give this a miss... DVD!