Almost 5 years with me

Dear Compaq X1075AP,

We met almost 5 years ago.

2 months after that, we went to UK - for a year plus

You were my small cinema,
You were my small concert player.

You've got a good voice, namely JBL (speaker)
You've got good drawing skill (ATi graphic cards)
You've got good mathematics skill (ah, the days when we did programming in UK)

Your physical memory (hard disk) was slightly damaged last year - and few months ago I planted a new one, transferred the recall-able memory into the new one.

However, a month ago my colleague approached me, he mentioned that he would like to take care of you.

He was sincere and so I trust him.

I know how you feel in the past half year - ever since my father adopted a new member called Dell - we spent lesser time with you.

Therefore, since there's a guardian who's willing to take care of you - I have to let go.

Normally, according to my reliable source, your life span is 5 years.

But I'm sure you can live longer than that.

I truly appreciate the days I had with you.

Take care & bye.


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teechong said...

sorry to hear ab ur seperation...