Camwhore session, 31/10/09, My house

Whom I know for 22 years, is getting even prettier by years (or she'll ask 'means i was ugly last time?' if i say 'she's getting prettier nowadays')

I spent a lot of time living with this chick.

There's no question that I love her.

And she's the person whom I allow others to love her - especially her mother and her mother's husband.

Yep. She's my sister. Turned 22 years old, two days ago.

And just another short story:
I told my sister that I love the photo above, cos our faces are in similar size.
Her respond: Shallow.

Thanks but happy birthday again!


emily t. said...

braces smile :X

so kiut lah love. *pinches cheek* wtf

colleen-error said...

wtf i look so fair mwahhahahhaaah XDDD

yalar yalar u all can smile happily without braces T_T