She's my high school friend.
Her life, so far, has been adventurous.
After the high school, she became an air stewardess.
Traveled around the world.
After a few years, she used the money she earned to further her studies.
Got distinction,
Joined an international bank.

The next thing I know, she got an offer in Singapore, and she'll leave Malaysia today.

So, there's an extra job vacancy now in Malaysia

Our topics often revolve around life, relationship and job - pretty boring to many but to me, it's refreshing to share the thoughts at a deeper level - though we often have different point of views.

So, the reality is, there's one yamchar kaki lesser from my list.

But anyway, all the best to her - while she's exploring the next adventure.

I'll borrow her favorite phrase from the movie "Up"

Paging wistfully through Ellie’s adventure scrapbook, Carl finds a note from Ellie: “Thanks for the adventure,” she has written. “Now go out and get a new one!”

All the best, Emily.

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