Verdict: Still not my cup of tea, but somehow I felt it's slightly better than the first one

I'm not gonna tell what's the story about - you can always read the wiki and also my stand on the first episode

It's pretty much the same formula, featured in the first episode - with the guys saying the most romantic stuff even though there are lots of chicks out there queuing up to be their victims.

The difference is, there is slightly more twist - with two guys complicating the situation - it's like Romeo & Juliet, with Henry (that's the first name appeared in my mind) as an 'intruder' (or whatever)

And lesser drama too (I can still remember clearly how in the first episode, Edward drove the Audi and scared the harassers away from Bella - out of nowhere - apparently he's been stalking, wasn't he? Me and my sister laughed out loud on the spot, actually)

This movie disappointed many, at least that's what I heard - which can be true cos Edward looks really like a guy with malnutrition or low blood pressure - which breaks many girls' fantasy.

But I felt the twist is better than the first.

With two more episodes to go - let's see how Bella will turn into vampire and live happily ever after.

Rating: 4.5/10


ZMIN said...

All I can say is

RPattinson - GAY GAY GAY GET A TAN. Eat more papaya so you won't be constipated anymore
TLAUTNER - Quite hot la I like wahahaha

K-Stew - She has this look like she's constantly got shit under her nose

But the sister Alice is hot, no?

And I like the other constipated one too (Jasper), Sigh. Damn no taste la me

And I don't like Caius. I can never forget or forgive his gayness in Sweeney Todd.

Trevor said...

I concur that Alice is yummy :)

And RPattinson can't get tanned - you can only get diamonds under the sun :P