On Monday morning I had a rather scary dream, which I think could potentially be a movie script:

I was in a cellar, I was told to open the door at an appointed time.

When I opened the door (a heavy metal-built door), there was a guy standing far from me.

He started reading from a script:

"When he opened the door, the assassin approached him. He tried to close the door but the assassin managed to point the gun to his face, and killed him."

So straight after he finished reading the script, the 'announcer' killed himself with a gun.

And straight after his suicide, the assassin appeared - exactly as mentioned in the script.

I tried to close the door but the assassin was fast to block the door.

He pointed the gun at me but I managed to turned his gun to himself, and shot him dead.


Analysis & Conclusion:

There were pending issues that I had to face with people on Monday.

It's been really bad since the arrival of electronic shop and everybody was taichi-ing around and trying to make the other 'die' for 'survival'

But yah, yesterday was a rather productive day and I managed to iron out the issues.