On 25/10/2009, I was tasked to be a photographer, last minute.

I was like - "WHAT? What do you expect from a person who does random phototaking and with a small camera?"

Well, here are some selected photographs.

Before the departure (to bridge's house) (and yah, both zodiacs are Boar, if not mistaken)

I drove as a 'heng dai' and I took photo while driving.

I acted as 'heng dai', helped to open the door (the blue colour shirt one is me), and took the photo.

Was simple but still meaningful (of course)

Unknown object (at that moment, and the objects inside were creating a lot of noises)

Seeing my dad taking photo with SLR reminds me of the days in 80's & 90's - when he used to own an SLR.

It's the birds

Mission accomplished, as heng dai cum photographer - the time showed that it's almost 11AM (took the photo while driving, again)

I shouldn't take photo while driving, I know.

Only for this time :P