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If you like it, please vote for her!

So my sil (sister in law) (well, I call her this cos she calls me brother in law) (and her love is my sister -_- ) (she's not lesbian, btw) (too much info i know) Emily took part in this contest - and I felt she did it brilliantly!

However, I understand that the 'road' to voting is kinda...winding, so I'll just post a step by step guide:

1) Click here to go to Mister Potato's website
2) In the main page, click on "The #1 Mister Potato Contest"

3) Under "The #1 Mister Potato Contest" page, click on "Gallery Page"

4) Click on page #7 (yes, skip all others' pages cos time is precious for you and I)

5) Under page#7, click on etee27

6) You'll see a pop up window, click on the vote button.

7) Enter the Captcha code shown, and click submit button

And that's it!

I know the road is winding, but please support her talented work ;) (it's a camwhoring work, just FYI)



emily t. said...

oh my goodness XDDD

thanks so much bil! (indeed, too much info)

colleen-error said...

mwahhahahhaha XD